Most Popular Places to Film Beach Scenes

We have seen some of the most breathtaking beaches in certain movies. Of course, film location is always a key to success. Here are some of the movies we have all come to love and the beaches that were featured during its filming.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

This was filmed in Santorini and it was just as breathtaking as you would have expected it to be. Greece is one of the most popular places in the world for tourists and this movie didn’t go wrong featuring the most stunning beaches in the country. The lovely island, its pristine beaches and volcanic glory were all featured in the film. The movie itself was great, but the location made it even better.

Into the Blue 

This film by Jessica Alba and the late Paul Walker was really hot. Of course, both stars were physically fit and their bodies were really showcased in the film, but it also featured the New Providence Island. It is located in The Bahamas. There are tonnes of stunning beaches in the Caribbean and the site for this film is one of them. You might even decide to go for the best Caribbean island vacation after watching this film again. From its clear waters to white sands, there is nothing in this film you can’t resist.

Casino Royale

This Bond film was action-packed just like any other Bond films. The only difference is that it was shot on the Giudecca Island in the canals of Venice. It also had shots in Villa La Gaeta located next to Lake Como. It was totally breathtaking. James Bond really looked like a hot superstar in this film.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Several beaches were featured in the creation of this blockbuster hit. This includes the Petit Tabac located in the Grenadines, Sandy Cay of The Bahamas and the Honopu Beach in Hawaii. People loved the film for the storyline and great acting, but the beaches features were also remarkable.

Fool’s Gold

This Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey film didn’t really make a huge splash on the big screen, but if you are going to watch it, you will appreciate the Great Barrier Reef of Australia even more. Filmed in the Lizard Island, the place was such a sight to behold.

The location is definitely the key in every film. The producers of these blockbuster hits have chosen the right places to feature in their film.

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How Does James Bond Get That Perfect Close Shave?

daniel-1829795_640It seems like when it comes to standards for men’s beauty, James Bond is the ultimate basis. He seems close to perfection. Whoever has to play James Bond on screen must be very careful in copying the actual image that people want to see in a James Bond. One of his signature looks is his close shave. It seems too good to be true. Most men would want to have the same shave, but it seems so difficult to achieve. The truth is that it is very easy. Let us learn the basic steps in achieving that signature James Bond look.

Prepare your skin for shaving

It is extremely important that you don’t just use a good shaver, but you also prepare before shaving. You need to have your shaving cream next to you. You should also have the shaver sharpened and cleaned before using. There are others that even have to be sterilized before use. The reason why it has to be carefully prepared is that if you don’t, it could not achieve your desired look. It would also be painful on your skin. You might be able to achieve the look, but you have to suffer from the scar because of the cuts.

Always go with the flow

This is the key in having the perfect shave. Try to go with the grain instead of going against it. You might think that it can cut more hair and it can cut deeper if you shave against the grain. This could be true, but it could also cause irritation. Your face might start to get red and you will see some spots after shaving. The worst part is that for some men, this does not go away immediately. You might have to suffer from having a red face on a party. You even have to wear makeup just to conceal the spots. Therefore, even if it takes time, you have to go with the grain. You have to do it slowly and carefully. You can’t afford to go wrong especially with a sensitive skin.

After care is a must

You need to be careful in shaving, but you also have to put more attention on after care. Our skin is very sensitive. This is true especially in areas where hairs grow. As mentioned earlier, your skin could turn red and it could also lead to rushes. Therefore, you need to apply something on your skin to prevent it from turning red. Aloe vera or natural oils are perfect in repairing the skin. You would see the red spots start to go away if you place these oils after shaving. You should also avoid using other chemicals on your face since the pores might still be open. You should also wait for some time before wearing makeup or covering your spots.

The best tip

The most important thing in shaving is to have the best shaver. Even if you are very careful in shaving if you don’t use the right shaver, it would be a futile act. With the right shaver, it would be easier for you to shave and you won’t feel hurt. It is advised to use electric shavers. They are very easy to use. They don’t consume a lot of energy. They are also not irritating to the skin. The best part is that you don’t have to replace them. You can just use them when necessary and keep them when not in use. They are also designed to last for a long time.

Be who you are

Shaving is one of the best ways to look like James Bond. You just have to admit the truth though that you could never be like him or look like him. It doesn’t matter especially if you have something else to offer. James Bond might seem like a god because of his looks, but he is not the only ideal and lovable guy in this world. You can offer something different. Even if you don’t look like him, you can be more of a gentleman. You can also show your best attitude especially in dealing with women. They will also like you just for being unique and being true to yourself.

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The Impressive Ways Actors Go from Fat to Thin for Movies

belly-2354_640We have seen actors who have gone through drastic weight loss just to fit in their roles for movies. Anne Hathaway for instance shed several pounds just to be the perfect Fantine for Les Miserables. We have also seen Chris Pratt go from the dad bod type in Parks and Recreations to a perfectly built body for his roles as superhero in different movies. Jared Leto has also become almost unrecognizable for his role as a dying man due to HIV in Dallas Buyers Club. All of their hard work has paid off though as they have either received an award for their performance or have gotten really massive box office returns.

This makes you wonder how you can also achieve the same results. You may not star in the next big movie, but you can simply do it to stay healthy. Also, you don’t need to go for dramatic changes like these stars. As long as you can shed off some pounds, it would be good enough. If you wonder how they have achieved such a feat, here are some of their shared secrets.

Extremely low calories

Before undergoing changes, they have seen a nutritionist first to check how much calorie intake they need to maintain their weight. Then, they are advised how much they need to lose should they want to meet their goal on a specific period of time. Those who have to really lose a lot of weight must drastically plunge their calorie intake. This is the key to losing weight. For instance, those who consume 3,000 calories per day have to go down to just 1,200 calories. Of course, it is gradual. For actors who are in a hurry, extreme changes are necessary.

Less physical activities

This is not necessarily advised but some actors who need to lose their muscles have to stop doing physical activities. There are activities that would help lose weight, but also build muscles at the same time. This strategy is perfect for those who want to look buff for movies. For those who are taking on the role of a really skinny guy, it does not work at all. If you are to simply lose weight but you wish to build more muscles, hitting the gym or dancing are advised.

Eat more protein

Protein-based diet is extremely important for those who are to build muscles. Joe Manganiello for instance has achieved his totally ripped abs for his role in Magic Mike following this diet. He drank more protein shakes and ate more beans and lean meat. He has also hit the gym more often than before.

Focus is the key

All of these stars have achieved their goals through different strategies, but one thing is common- discipline. All of them have to stay focused just to reach their goals. They tried their best to not get distracted or tempted no matter how difficult it is.

It only means that you can also do the same. You can start now by buying the best elliptical for home use. It is a good start on your way to a healthier and fitter body.

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What are Movie Stars’ Secrets to that Perfect Smile?


Having a perfect smile is essential in show business. People look up to celebrities when it comes to fashion and style. A great dress and perfect makeup couldn’t hide ugly teeth. This is why it is extremely important for movie stars to flash a huge smile with their sparkling, white teeth. Most of the big names in the business have great teeth and you can bet that not only do they pay their dentists regular visits, they also have the best electric toothbrushes that money can buy. You can also be just like them by doing these:

1. Be careful with what you eat.

There are foods that may contain ingredients that could damage the teeth. The rule of thumb is that if they are more acidic, then they increase chances of tooth problem. This is because erosion happens as acid reacts with the teeth. Therefore, you need to determine the acid content in your food before eating it.

2. Avoid alcohol.

Though most celebrities would admit that they are drinking, the truth is that most of them avoid it due to the effects on their teeth. Alcohol also turns into sugar. Just like all other sugary foods, alcohol can cause erosion which will ultimately damage the structure of the teeth. This applies to other sweet beverages as well, especially those that are high in sugar content. Try to drink organic juices and tap water instead.

3. Use teeth only for eating.

You might be guilty of using your teeth as a tool every now and then. You use it to open a plastic bag or even cut an object. This will not just weaken your teeth, but could even bream them. Your teeth work as a group. When eating, the stress is distributed among your teeth. Using them as a tool on the other hand places extra stress on one tooth and this could lead to problems.

4. Consult your dentist every now and then.

The problem with some people is that they only see their dentist when they have toothache. You don’t have to wait for a problem to happen before consulting your dentist. You need to visit every now and then just for oral inspection. You can also ask your dentist to clean your teeth to remove cavities and plaque. As always, prevention is better than cure.

5. Don’t rely on brushing alone.

Brushing your teeth is good. It strengthens the teeth and also cleans them. The problem is that you are only cleaning the surface. There could be tiny food particles left inside that you don’t notice. This is what causes bad breath and helps hasten the formation of cavities. This is why flossing is important since it helps clean everything, even those that get stuck in between the teeth. Don’t use regular toothpick though. Use dental floss only.

6. Be willing to pay the price.

With the advent of modern technology, transforming your teeth is not easy. There are a lot of cosmetic procedures that you can undergo to totally change your teeth. Veneers are getting more popular these days. Porcelain is placed over the fronts of your teeth to cover the not so pretty ones underneath. It can cost you a lot though. Each tooth could cost you a minimum of 750 pounds. Bonding is also another procedure that you can undergo. It is cheaper at only 350-700 pounds. It is just semi-permanent though unlike veneers. Teeth straightening is also possible without undergoing the usual braces. There is a modern technology that straightens your teeth in a much shorter period of time (about a month) and without the metals on your teeth. This could cost you around 8,000 pounds though.

7. Be confident.

Having perfect teeth is just the first step in achieving a great smile. The next step is to flash those pearly white teeth with confidence. These celebrities also try to look authentic each time they step in the red carpet and smile. No matter what they are going through personally, they try to hide their feelings and project a different aura. This is what makes them outstanding.

Being a celebrity is not easy. People expect a lot from them. The good thing is that you can learn from them in order to improve yourself, especially when it comes to your personal hygiene. These stars look perfect, and you can be just like them.

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Why Was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Such a Big Hit?


These days, we are blown away with the massive movie effects of films. It may seem quite difficult to comprehend at this age how a horror movie involving a lot of chainsaw sounds made waves and was such a big hit. But that is the primary characteristic of iconic movies that made a dent in global pop culture. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre possessed impeccable timing and a gutsy plot that is considered avant-garde at the time of its showing. To date, it is still lauded by movie critics as one of the most successful movie projects ever made more than 40 years after it hit the big screen.

First of Its Kind

The most glaring quality that this movie has is its daring to explore violent themes that no other movie before it has done before. These days, you will find the recurring subplot of a vehicle breaking down before a scary sequence of events. But none of these newer films have the same effect as that of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Still, they wanted to produce the same impact that Texas Chainsaw Massacre had, but they often fall short.

Pure and Unadulterated Gore

The endless killings of Leatherface in this movie is the rawest possible depiction of pure terror. Considering that the filming team mainly had to work with a single camera and a pretty limited set of venues, there was little budget required – in fact, the production team probably couldn’t even afford to use one of the best rated chainsaws as props because it was out of their budget! But they maximized the effect of scaring the audience in an unforgettable way. Limitless gore is one of its signature qualities; while some directors will flinch in shooting a 25-minute sequence of a screaming woman amidst the background of a chainsaw motor sound, it was not the case with this film. Even the musical score had this very eerie effect that can cause some serious psychological impact to the viewer.

Strangely enough, the fact that the actors were not big names at the time of filming was a helpful factor as well. The sounds were simple and creepy, and the actors were not distracting to the viewers. If you watch the film, you literally have nothing else to notice but the sheer terror of the story.

The success of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its iconic status really shows that you do not have to have a large budget or flashy effects to make a spectacular hit of a movie.

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An In-Depth Review Of Blade 2


Blade 2 is one that a lot of movie buffs like me can associate to and this movie has an amazing mature approach to superhero concept movie when compared to the others in this genre that I have seen in a span of 10 years. The effects of the movie are sensible and practical rather than a lack of conviction.


The movie boasts of dinginess more than any other night movies that I can recollect. The movie’s plot revolves around the son and father relation with the backdrop of vampire slaying similar to first one in the series. This element is appreciable. It’s about how whistler becomes a surrogate father to Blade and how he continues his search for whistler due to the events of first series. Whistler is portrayed by Kris Kristofferson plays Whistler and as usual Wesley snipes is the badass hero Blade. Blade 2 has other impressive star cast such as Ron Perlman, Norman Reedus, Luke Goss, Donnie Yen and others.


Blade shines in this version, which has a crude illogical plot and proposition. Blade, who is an equal threat, seeks help rather than taking on their new arch-enemy themselves by the vampires, to destroy the new threat. The illogical thought makes you feel how did Blade get this inclination to help the creatures he has pledged his life for their destruction and he is even up to it. He also manages to get friendly with few new recruits, in the vampire camp.

Wesley snipes is a little out of shape in this version. The fights or is it the choreography that doesn’t seem up to the mark.


The problem with this movie is that it stands strong on style and loses its ground on substance. Sorry to disappoint fans but my movie parameters for this genre has changed. This heirloom is good but this movie which is of a comic book movie landscape. Though it works in the long run.

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Cinema Gives New Lease Of Life To Dementia Patients.


Have you heard of ‘Life more ordinary’ initiative? This project took shape after a screening of singing in the rain movie for the dementia patients and their family in 2013 at the Dukes -Lancaster. Alzheimer disease is on the rise as estimated by Alzheimer’s Society will touch one million people with the present living conditions in UK though the ongoing research is profound.

There is a devastating effect on a person with dementia; both physical and emotional as they face isolation. So out of box entertainment such as watching movies with loved ones brings the desired change in their life and gives an opportunity to bond and go back to their old memories. The impact of the initiative on the audience is discussed by Jonathan Lott, Film Programme Manager at The Dukes in Lancaster.

After a three year study undertaken by Age UK Lancashire that investigated the need to do such a life changing activity of watching a movie in a theatre with family and friends.


The aim of this tailor made Programme of movie watching, under partnership is as follows:
Decrease isolation and increase involvement.
Proper transportation for full attendance.
Appropriate atmosphere for the dementia patients and their family.

Most importantly provide a daily routine for the dementia patrons.

The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation came forward to fund the initial screening which further expanded to 6 months Programme which boosted the reach of the patrons to also include new workshops. This initial collaboration fortified into a project of three years.

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Another Great Animated Movie From Disney For Both Kids & Adults Alike


Inside out, frozen, Up, Big Hero 6 and now Zootopia are some of the fun animated movies that I have enjoyed watching in recent years. The USP of the movies are clearly the adorable furry animals. Neither a kid nor an adult would resist these animated humanly animals. The feel of Zootopia is of a futuristic animal’s paradise with distinct background stories and personalities that makes it a hit.

Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) the bunny overcome with ambition becomes the first rabbit cop by defying all odds. By luck Hopps finally hops into Zootopia. Now the disturbance in her (Hopps) new dream career is Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). And there is the sly fox Mr. Wild. Jokes apart, the serious business is that Hopps who has a complex befitting to Napoleon is presumably a determined bunny, ushers Wild into justice of Zootopia. Wild helps her solve the case of missing Otter.

Hopps and Wilde work is precision to conclude the mystery.


The movie is fun and gripping. Zootopia as the name suggests is a movie which has a wide variety of animals who behave like humans that have cuteness in them. It has backdrops of Siberia, Dubai and NYC-LA set in the magical world of animals. There is a scene where Hopps gets into an electric train which traverses through different regions and climates. This is Zootopia for you-a combination of these.

Arguably, sloth Flash (Raymond S. Persi) who steals the show is the best animal character that is very slow at DMV check out which is the funniest scene of the movie. The movie shows animals of each variety has a different section in the city and the caricaturists vary in size too.


Movies such as these need a microscopic view to find any negatives. If there is any it would be the predictability of the chemistry between Hopps and Wilde and the other is the mystery in the plot is for audience above age 10 plus and kids younger than that would find it difficult to follow.


Zootopia has all that it takes to be a hit movie such as stunning visuals in a surreal world which you did want to visit some day. A lot of care and fine tuning also can be sensed in the way minor details are showcased by the filmmakers. It’s a clever Disney animated movie that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

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