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Few Top Movies In Welsh Settings


Let us look at the two best classic movies in my opinion that have Welsh settings.

On the black hill
On the Black Hill which is available in BFI dual format edition now which is Grieves adaptation? This movie is evocative tale which is engrossing too , is set in the Radnorshire, Herefordshire , the typical Welsh settings. Thaddeus O’Sullivan, the photographer of the movie has captured the stunning landscapes of the region, where the tribulations and trials of Jones family take place. Bob peck portrays the farmer who is intense and puritanical named Amos. He heads the Jones family that experiences romances, estrangements, feuds, two world wars, all these are faced by them while taking care of ‘The Vision’ the formerly vacant farmstead. The attachment of Grieves to the land and the people of the place shine through in the film that is a poetic masterpiece.

The Welsh filmmakers have showcased their best is movies set in Wales by storylines on economic hardships and other aspects of Britain as a whole.

film1The Old Dark house-1932
This movie was once declared to be flop at box office of America on its first release, Now it is considered as an entry which is formative in its category this gothic chiller of James Whale’s . The movie runs for 71 minutes in a old creepy house is a blueprint to horror movies, has a pinch of black comedy.

Old dark house film is an adaptation of the 1927 novel of J.B. Priestley’s – Benighted, and has an impressive star cast Boris Karloff, Melvyn Douglas, Charles Laughton and Gloria Stuart. The Old Dark House is the story of various travellers taking refuge in an old creepy dwelling when there is a storm in the welsh area.

What are your favourite movies that have Welsh settings? Share them with me in the comments section below.