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What are Movie Stars’ Secrets to that Perfect Smile?


Having a perfect smile is essential in show business. People look up to celebrities when it comes to fashion and style. A great dress and perfect makeup couldn’t hide ugly teeth. This is why it is extremely important for movie stars to flash a huge smile with their sparkling, white teeth. Most of the big names in the business have great teeth and you can bet that not only do they pay their dentists regular visits, they also have the best electric toothbrushes that money can buy. You can also be just like them by doing these:

1. Be careful with what you eat.

There are foods that may contain ingredients that could damage the teeth. The rule of thumb is that if they are more acidic, then they increase chances of tooth problem. This is because erosion happens as acid reacts with the teeth. Therefore, you need to determine the acid content in your food before eating it.

2. Avoid alcohol.

Though most celebrities would admit that they are drinking, the truth is that most of them avoid it due to the effects on their teeth. Alcohol also turns into sugar. Just like all other sugary foods, alcohol can cause erosion which will ultimately damage the structure of the teeth. This applies to other sweet beverages as well, especially those that are high in sugar content. Try to drink organic juices and tap water instead.

3. Use teeth only for eating.

You might be guilty of using your teeth as a tool every now and then. You use it to open a plastic bag or even cut an object. This will not just weaken your teeth, but could even bream them. Your teeth work as a group. When eating, the stress is distributed among your teeth. Using them as a tool on the other hand places extra stress on one tooth and this could lead to problems.

4. Consult your dentist every now and then.

The problem with some people is that they only see their dentist when they have toothache. You don’t have to wait for a problem to happen before consulting your dentist. You need to visit every now and then just for oral inspection. You can also ask your dentist to clean your teeth to remove cavities and plaque. As always, prevention is better than cure.

5. Don’t rely on brushing alone.

Brushing your teeth is good. It strengthens the teeth and also cleans them. The problem is that you are only cleaning the surface. There could be tiny food particles left inside that you don’t notice. This is what causes bad breath and helps hasten the formation of cavities. This is why flossing is important since it helps clean everything, even those that get stuck in between the teeth. Don’t use regular toothpick though. Use dental floss only.

6. Be willing to pay the price.

With the advent of modern technology, transforming your teeth is not easy. There are a lot of cosmetic procedures that you can undergo to totally change your teeth. Veneers are getting more popular these days. Porcelain is placed over the fronts of your teeth to cover the not so pretty ones underneath. It can cost you a lot though. Each tooth could cost you a minimum of 750 pounds. Bonding is also another procedure that you can undergo. It is cheaper at only 350-700 pounds. It is just semi-permanent though unlike veneers. Teeth straightening is also possible without undergoing the usual braces. There is a modern technology that straightens your teeth in a much shorter period of time (about a month) and without the metals on your teeth. This could cost you around 8,000 pounds though.

7. Be confident.

Having perfect teeth is just the first step in achieving a great smile. The next step is to flash those pearly white teeth with confidence. These celebrities also try to look authentic each time they step in the red carpet and smile. No matter what they are going through personally, they try to hide their feelings and project a different aura. This is what makes them outstanding.

Being a celebrity is not easy. People expect a lot from them. The good thing is that you can learn from them in order to improve yourself, especially when it comes to your personal hygiene. These stars look perfect, and you can be just like them.

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