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How Does James Bond Get That Perfect Close Shave?

daniel-1829795_640It seems like when it comes to standards for men’s beauty, James Bond is the ultimate basis. He seems close to perfection. Whoever has to play James Bond on screen must be very careful in copying the actual image that people want to see in a James Bond. One of his signature looks is his close shave. It seems too good to be true. Most men would want to have the same shave, but it seems so difficult to achieve. The truth is that it is very easy. Let us learn the basic steps in achieving that signature James Bond look.

Prepare your skin for shaving

It is extremely important that you don’t just use a good shaver, but you also prepare before shaving. You need to have your shaving cream next to you. You should also have the shaver sharpened and cleaned before using. There are others that even have to be sterilized before use. The reason why it has to be carefully prepared is that if you don’t, it could not achieve your desired look. It would also be painful on your skin. You might be able to achieve the look, but you have to suffer from the scar because of the cuts.

Always go with the flow

This is the key in having the perfect shave. Try to go with the grain instead of going against it. You might think that it can cut more hair and it can cut deeper if you shave against the grain. This could be true, but it could also cause irritation. Your face might start to get red and you will see some spots after shaving. The worst part is that for some men, this does not go away immediately. You might have to suffer from having a red face on a party. You even have to wear makeup just to conceal the spots. Therefore, even if it takes time, you have to go with the grain. You have to do it slowly and carefully. You can’t afford to go wrong especially with a sensitive skin.

After care is a must

You need to be careful in shaving, but you also have to put more attention on after care. Our skin is very sensitive. This is true especially in areas where hairs grow. As mentioned earlier, your skin could turn red and it could also lead to rushes. Therefore, you need to apply something on your skin to prevent it from turning red. Aloe vera or natural oils are perfect in repairing the skin. You would see the red spots start to go away if you place these oils after shaving. You should also avoid using other chemicals on your face since the pores might still be open. You should also wait for some time before wearing makeup or covering your spots.

The best tip

The most important thing in shaving is to have the best shaver. Even if you are very careful in shaving if you don’t use the right shaver, it would be a futile act. With the right shaver, it would be easier for you to shave and you won’t feel hurt. It is advised to use electric shavers. They are very easy to use. They don’t consume a lot of energy. They are also not irritating to the skin. The best part is that you don’t have to replace them. You can just use them when necessary and keep them when not in use. They are also designed to last for a long time.

Be who you are

Shaving is one of the best ways to look like James Bond. You just have to admit the truth though that you could never be like him or look like him. It doesn’t matter especially if you have something else to offer. James Bond might seem like a god because of his looks, but he is not the only ideal and lovable guy in this world. You can offer something different. Even if you don’t look like him, you can be more of a gentleman. You can also show your best attitude especially in dealing with women. They will also like you just for being unique and being true to yourself.

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