Most Popular Places to Film Beach Scenes

We have seen some of the most breathtaking beaches in certain movies. Of course, film location is always a key to success. Here are some of the movies we have all come to love and the beaches that were featured during its filming.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

This was filmed in Santorini and it was just as breathtaking as you would have expected it to be. Greece is one of the most popular places in the world for tourists and this movie didn’t go wrong featuring the most stunning beaches in the country. The lovely island, its pristine beaches and volcanic glory were all featured in the film. The movie itself was great, but the location made it even better.

Into the Blue 

This film by Jessica Alba and the late Paul Walker was really hot. Of course, both stars were physically fit and their bodies were really showcased in the film, but it also featured the New Providence Island. It is located in The Bahamas. There are tonnes of stunning beaches in the Caribbean and the site for this film is one of them. You might even decide to go for the best Caribbean island vacation after watching this film again. From its clear waters to white sands, there is nothing in this film you can’t resist.

Casino Royale

This Bond film was action-packed just like any other Bond films. The only difference is that it was shot on the Giudecca Island in the canals of Venice. It also had shots in Villa La Gaeta located next to Lake Como. It was totally breathtaking. James Bond really looked like a hot superstar in this film.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Several beaches were featured in the creation of this blockbuster hit. This includes the Petit Tabac located in the Grenadines, Sandy Cay of The Bahamas and the Honopu Beach in Hawaii. People loved the film for the storyline and great acting, but the beaches features were also remarkable.

Fool’s Gold

This Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey film didn’t really make a huge splash on the big screen, but if you are going to watch it, you will appreciate the Great Barrier Reef of Australia even more. Filmed in the Lizard Island, the place was such a sight to behold.

The location is definitely the key in every film. The producers of these blockbuster hits have chosen the right places to feature in their film.

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