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Top 5 Movies To Checkout Before Oscar Euphoria


Oscar euphoria has started as the award season ends. Next couple of weeks would be hectic in speculation of the nominees in the Oscars. Point to note about these set of movies which are nominated, is that their budget is minimal and don’t belong to mainstream flicks which are promoted through advertisements well in advance off the release.

Top 5 movies you must watch before the Oscar frenzy starts:

1.The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne plays the part of a sex transformation surgery receiver and this role is nominated for this year Oscar. Last year he got it for playing the role of Stephen hawking. All the performances in the movie including that of Alicia Vikendar are commendable. This movie highlights the plight of LGBT community and the laws imposed on it. Overall the costumes, sets all look fabulous.

tom12. Spotlight

This true story is based on the group of Boston global journalists probing the case of a priest who molested 80 children definitely deserves the hype surrounding it. The Oscar nominations of the movie are Mark Buffalo (nominated for supporting actor) though Michael Keaton deserves it. Rachel McAdams (nominated for supporting actress. This is a deserving suspense movie.

3. Steve Jobs

This is the movie on the man who established Apple which showcases his normal and professional side. Michael Fassbender as the lead artist has one of his best and most outstanding performances which earned him a well deserved Oscar nomination for lead actor. Apple marketing executive Joanna Hoffman portrayed by Kate Winslet is nominated for the best supporting actress role. She has carried the role to the next level by her amazingly performance.

tom24. The Big Short

“The Big Short is about the financial crisis that struck all of us globally and is gives a inside view of the downfall. Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale (supporting actor Oscar nominee), Steve Carrell, and Brad Pitt are the star cast who are Brilliant. Director Adam McKay product entertains and educates the audience both at the same time to give a perfect master piece.

5. Brooklyn

This 1950 setting movie is very relevant to present scenario also. It’s about a girl who is an immigrant of Ireland. Her name is Brooklyn who reaches New York to start a new life. This is one of the top movies of 2015.It is nominated for the best picture.