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The Light Between The Oceans – One Of It’s Kind


I wanted to keep this movie as a surprise and experience all the emotions unleashed only in the theatre and it indeed proves to be the best movie minus the super hero factor. This movie is set in the 1920s Australia on an island and the story is about a lighthouse keeper and his wife whose life is transformed when they find a baby in a boat lost in the sea. Soon this happy change comes to a halt when they discover the truth.


Though, melodramatic this movie looks like one beautiful painting talking to you and you are automatically pulled into it. In the first look itself you can feel the mystery and you get spell bound to what follows. They say slow and steady wins the race – This belongs to that category, definitely won’t put you to sleep. I was in for lot of surprises which kept me on the edge and guessing.

You know what to expect when there is an ocean, an island, sunsets, storms and other simple breathtaking views in the movie-captivating. All thanks to the cinematographer Adam Arkapaw. The costumes were simple and in sync with the era detailed in the movie.

lit1Isolation of the protagonists is contemplative of the plot and the journey of them. The storytelling Derek Cianfrance, the director of the movie is exclusive. The Place beyond the Pines and Blue Valentine are other masterpieces of this director. And this movie is an emotional, lengthy movie with a humane touch which is appreciable.

Fassbender and Vikander have given Oscar worthy performances. This movie adds a feather to Fassbender’s film career and put him on the path of a legendary actor. His phenomenal character is mild and subtle and oscar winner Vikander’s character in this movie supports the spectacular display. She proved she can show vivid emotions ranging from grief to desperation and guilt. Alongside comes Rachel Weisz whose performance falls short.


The ending left me wanting for more as it was no was near a regular Hollywood type. The film might seem lengthy before you realize that whole plot deserves the time frame. Minor logical glitches like Fassbender and Vikander, who sound more British than the Aussies that they portray if that was what the audience were supposed to think.


The Light Between Oceans is a romantic suspense movie with some spectacular performances. It’s the story of parenting and parents and human emotions attached to adoption. If you don’t leave the theatre with some heavy feeling, no movie will.