The Impressive Ways Actors Go from Fat to Thin for Movies

belly-2354_640We have seen actors who have gone through drastic weight loss just to fit in their roles for movies. Anne Hathaway for instance shed several pounds just to be the perfect Fantine for Les Miserables. We have also seen Chris Pratt go from the dad bod type in Parks and Recreations to a perfectly built body for his roles as superhero in different movies. Jared Leto has also become almost unrecognizable for his role as a dying man due to HIV in Dallas Buyers Club. All of their hard work has paid off though as they have either received an award for their performance or have gotten really massive box office returns.

This makes you wonder how you can also achieve the same results. You may not star in the next big movie, but you can simply do it to stay healthy. Also, you don’t need to go for dramatic changes like these stars. As long as you can shed off some pounds, it would be good enough. If you wonder how they have achieved such a feat, here are some of their shared secrets.

Extremely low calories

Before undergoing changes, they have seen a nutritionist first to check how much calorie intake they need to maintain their weight. Then, they are advised how much they need to lose should they want to meet their goal on a specific period of time. Those who have to really lose a lot of weight must drastically plunge their calorie intake. This is the key to losing weight. For instance, those who consume 3,000 calories per day have to go down to just 1,200 calories. Of course, it is gradual. For actors who are in a hurry, extreme changes are necessary.

Less physical activities

This is not necessarily advised but some actors who need to lose their muscles have to stop doing physical activities. There are activities that would help lose weight, but also build muscles at the same time. This strategy is perfect for those who want to look buff for movies. For those who are taking on the role of a really skinny guy, it does not work at all. If you are to simply lose weight but you wish to build more muscles, hitting the gym or dancing are advised.

Eat more protein

Protein-based diet is extremely important for those who are to build muscles. Joe Manganiello for instance has achieved his totally ripped abs for his role in Magic Mike following this diet. He drank more protein shakes and ate more beans and lean meat. He has also hit the gym more often than before.

Focus is the key

All of these stars have achieved their goals through different strategies, but one thing is common- discipline. All of them have to stay focused just to reach their goals. They tried their best to not get distracted or tempted no matter how difficult it is.

It only means that you can also do the same. You can start now by buying the best elliptical for home use. It is a good start on your way to a healthier and fitter body.

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